Custom Made Orthotics

Genuine, custom-made prescription foot orthoses are made by starting with a thorough biomechanical examination. This includes a physical, static, and dynamic examination of the feet and lower limbs by a qualified healthcare professional such as a Pedorthist. The examination is followed by the taking of cast impressions using plaster or impression foam material and the completion of a detailed prescription form. At Feet First, we use a number of professional labs for the manufacture of orthotic devices. Your casts and prescription form is then sent to a professional Lab where your orthotics are handcrafted by technicians with appropriate training and qualifications. Custom made orthotics are devices manufactured for an individual to treat their specific problems associated with the feet and lower limbs. Successful prescription foot orthotic therapy requires an experienced foot health care professional with training and clinical experience combined with a qualified Lab’s technical skills and material technology expertise. Physical therapy and/or at home stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as quality shoe fitting advice are common parts of successful Orthotic therapy.

All Orthotics Are Not Created Equal

Many different kinds of in-shoe devices are referred to as “Orthotics”. You may see ads in TV infomercials, mall kiosks, stands at consumer shows as well as a growing number of specialty retail shops. Arch supports and sport insoles sold in drug and sporting goods stores are increasingly referred to as “Orthotics”. Then there is Custom Made and Off the Shelf Orthotics that foot health specialist/professional prescribe and provide to their patients.

Treatment of Problems of the Lower Limbs and Feet

Treatment of problems of the lower limbs and feet may include the use of Custom-Made Foot Orthoses, Orthopedic Footwear, Modifications to Footwear, Custom-Made Footwear, and Braces including Knee and Ankle Braces and Off-The-Shelf Orthotic devices. Custom-made orthotics devices are manufactured after a thorough examination by foot health professional such as the Canadian Certified Pedorthist. Footwear may include off-the-shelf orthopedic shoes with specific features to accommodate for forefoot deformities such as bunions and hammertoe deformities. Modifications to footwear may include adding lifts for leg length discrepancies, accommodations into footwear for bony deformities, and the addition of the rocker soles to accommodate for knee and ankle joint problems including lack of motion due to injury, arthritis and or surgical fusions medically required for more serious problems which have required surgical intervention. Ankle and Knee Braces are measured, fit and provided for specific problems requiring motion control at the level of the knee or ankle. Off-the-shelf orthotic devices can be used when medical treatment is not required to correct biomechanical deviations from ideal.

Off-the-Shelf Devices

There are a variety of off-the-shelf orthotic devices in a professional clinic such as Feet First. We carry a wide range of devices manufactured by Birkenstock, Pro Step, Aetrex, Apex, and Finn Comfort. They range in features which include softness, cushioning, and motion control. Off-the-shelf devices are often used when there are no biomechanical deviations from ideal to treat conditions which do not require the use of custom-made orthotics devices. Adjustments may also be made to these devices to accommodate for deformities and in certain applications very effective at helping to manage and alleviate foot pain. If you are having foot and/or leg problems and want to know if orthotics are right for you (and if so, what kind), start by consulting us at Feet First. For help choosing the correct device for you and a foot health care professional to assess your needs call us at Feet First or book an appointment online today.


Custom-made Orthotics, Custom Foot Orthoses are precision medical devices that are designed to adjust and control the function of the foot and it’s alignment with the lower limbs. They are used to treat and prevent injury causing motions including excessive pronation (collapsing in) and supination (rolling out) and make standing, walking and running more efficient. Some prescription Orthotics are designed to redistribute pressures on the bottom of your foot to alleviate pain from corns, calluses or boney prominences. At Feet First devices are manufactured from a subtalar joint neutral (STJ) plaster cast. Rhonda Doan is a Certified Pedorthist. Within the orthotic industry, Canadian Certified Pedorthists [C. Ped (C)s] have emerged at the forefront of orthotic therapy and have become the go-to profession for many insurance companies and government departments needing to define policies and procedures around orthotic reimbursement.

Pedorthic Assessment

Pedorthics is assessment, treatment, and evaluation of the problems of the lower limbs and feet. We provide custom-made orthotics, over the counter (OTC) orthotic devices, off the off-the-shelf and modified orthopedic footwear. Ankle bracing both custom made and OTC. Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

Gait cycle
The gait cycle

Assessment includes a biomechanical examination of the lower limbs and feet including hands on non-weight-bearing physical examination, static weight-bearing examination, and a dynamic assessment of the gait.

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