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Nursing Foot Care

Nursing Foot Care

The clinic includes Associates who work independently in their own nursing foot care practices under the umbrella of Feet First. All individuals are registered practitioners with the College of Nurses of Ontario, and Certified in Basic, Advanced, and Diabetic Nursing Foot Care. Rhonda is also certified by the Canadian Wound Care Association


Rhonda Doan, Registered Practical Nurse has more than twenty years of experience providing nursing foot care services in the community and clinical setting.

Foot care services include: assessment, treatment, and evaluation post treatment of the following

  • Ingrown toenails/paronychia
  • Fungal toenails/onychomycosis
  • Thickened nails/onychauxis
  • Rams Horn Nails/onychogryphosis

Skin Care Including:

  • Corns
  • Callus/hyperkeratosis
  • Warts/verruca
  • Dryness/ fissuring on the heels
  • Autonomic diabetic neuropathy

Nail Care Service

Nursing Pedicures

Anyone can engage in the pleasure of having someone provide care to their feet. Older adults who simply have difficulty reaching their own feet, and individuals with other sensory deficits such as sight are all welcome at Feet First. Caring for your feet is a special kind of feeling. Trust your feet to someone at a professional clinic like Feet First where we offer the best professional services in a safe and clean environment. (does not include painting of nails).

Basic Pedicure/nails are trimmed with professional tools along the contour of the nail, the medial and lateral distal cuticular edges of the nails are lifted and debris/detritus is removed, sharp corners may be removed, and the distal end of the nails are smoothed with a file or grinding tool

Diabetic Nursing Foot Care: we can assess the diabetic foot for autonomic neuropathy, sensory neuropathy, and motor neuropathy. We provide diabetic health teaching and identify the risk category for diabetic ulceration and provide recommendations for treatment as well as the interval of treatment required for your risk category. Diabetic health teaching is provided. Some foot health problems are directly related to poor fitting footwear and recommendations can be made for the ideal fit of footwear.

Skin Care: reduction of corns and calluses may be treated with the use of files, grinding tools, or sharps such as a scalpel, or credo planer. Lesions over clawed and hammertoe deformities or soft interdigital corns are also professionally treated and the causes may be identified and recommendations for treatment provided. Hydration of dry skin is done with the use of emollients

Feet First has a full diabetic foot care program


Compression stockings

We provide a wide variety of different medical and footwear accessories as well as orthotic devices.

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