Footwear Assessment

Follow up with the individual to evaluate the outcome of treatment

Treatment may include the use of over-the-counter orthotics, custom-made orthotics devices, prosthetic devices such as toe separators, ankle braces and knee braces and the use of ideal fitting footwear which may be modified to accommodate for deformities such as bunions, and our toes, and leg length differences.

Custom Made Orthotics at Feet First, we rely on the expertise of a variety of orthotic manufacturers to provide for the individual needs of our clients/patients. We also manufacture some devices on-site.

Modification to Foot Wear lifts for leg length differences or adding rocker soles to shoes to help compensate for reduced range of motion at joints such as the ankle, knee or hip.

In summary, the Pedorthist assesses, treatments, and evaluates problems of the lower limbs and feet.

Assessment includes a biomechanical examination of the lower limbs and feet including hands on non-weight-bearing physical examination, static weight-bearing examination, and a dynamic assessment of the gait.