Pedorthics is assessment, treatment, and evaluation of the problems of the lower limbs and feet.

Treatment may include the use of custom made orthotics, off the shelf custom-made orthotics devices, prosthetic devices such as toe separators, ankle and knee braces and the use of ideal fitting footwear which may be modified to accommodate for deformities such as bunions, and toe deformities, and leg length differences.

Pedorthic Assessment

Assessment includes a bio-mechanical examination of the lower limbs and feet including hands on non-weight-bearing physical examination, static weight-bearing examination, and a dynamic assessment of the gait.

The practitioner listens to the individual’s complaints, assesses the biomechanics of the lower limbs and feet including the soft tissue and bone structures by testing range of motion and palpitating soft tissue structures, this portion of the examination may include muscle strength testing.

Secondly, there is a static assessment of the lower limbs and feet determining differences between non-weight bearing and weight bearing, observations and data deviations from ideal are again noted, this portion of the examination may also include functional testing, observation of the gait pattern looking for deviations from ideal and determining if there are compensations in the gait pattern ; develops a plan for treatment with the client; provides information so an individual can make an informed decision for themselves about the treatment plan.

Managing Problems of the Lower Limbs and Feet

Treatment may include the use of custom foot orthoses, off-the-shelf foot orthoses, footwear, modifications to footwear, custom-made foot wears, braces other types of prosthetic and assistive devices.

In cases where the use of custom foot orthoses are the desired course of treatment there is a subtalar joint neutral plaster cast made of the feet for manufacture of devices.

Fitting of the custom devices is important ensuring footwear accommodates both the orthoses and the foot.

Footwear Assessment