Spring & Fall

New Balance NB

Walking/Running/Athletic/Orthopaedic Footwear
  • 840 Mesh Lace
  • 928 Velcro/Lace White/Black/Grey Leather
  • 154 Mesh Grey Teal
  • 928 Lace/Velcro White/ Black/Brown
  • 840 Mesh Silver/Grey and Black/Silver

New Balance is available in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths AA to 6E and sizes up to 16



Athletic/Walking/and Orthopaedic/Women’s Only
  • Integrity (This style of  footwear is available in White, Black, and Stone Colors in Medium, Wide and Extra Wide Widths)
  • Saucony Guide
  • Grid Excursion


Aravon Casual/Fashion Shoes

  • Patsey
  • Betty
  • Farron
  • Flora



  • Emma Monk Strap (This is a unisex shoe, light weight for older adults, swollen feet, and soft stretch top / available in medium, wide and extra wide widths)
Aetrex Fashion/Casual/Office Shoes
  • Mia (wedge)
  • Corinne
  • Julie (Slip On)
  • Gina (Slip On)
  • Talia
  • Holly
  • Riley
  • Erica (Ballet)
  • Joanna (Ballet)
  • Brianna



Clark’s Men’s Shoes Casual/Walking/Office/Dress
  • Wave Course
  • Wave Tackle
  • Wave Tract
  • Portland
Clark’s Women’s Fashion Casual
  • Zaya Path
  • Society Dance
  • Bassett Mine
  • Candra Glow
  • Timeless
  • Demure Flare
Clark’s Women’s Casual/Walking
  • Wave Trek
  • Wave Wheel
  • Wave Run
  • Wave Drift

This line of Clark’s is available in medium and wide widths

Clarks Women’s Office/Fashion/Dress
  • Sugar Spice
  • Sugar sky
  • Sugar Maple
  • Sugar Dust
  • Rosalyn Adele
  • Rosalyn Belle
  • Vermont Terrace
  • Jenette Arc

All of these styles range in widths from Narrow, Medium Wide and Extra Wide From sizes 5 to 11

Clarks Women’s Evening Dress
  • Heavenly Heart
  • Heavenly Shine
  • Heavenly Star
  • Cynthia Avant
  • Cynthia Fest

All of these styles range in widths from Narrow, Medium Wide and Extra Wide From sizes 5 to 11


Cobb Hill Women’s Shoes

  • Wink
  • Wow
  • Betty


Dansko Service Industry/Chef/Nursing/Physicians

  • Professional Stapled Clog
  • Wide Professional Stapled Clog


Sophia Sandal


Dunham Shoes Men’s Casual/Walking/Orthopaedic
  • Windsor
  • Winslow
  • Lexington
  • Cloud

All of these men’s styles are available in sizes 7 to t

Dunham Men’s Sandal
  • St Johnsbury


Joya Unisex Service Industry Shoe Chefs/Waitresses

  • Dynamo


PW Minor Orthopaedic

PW Minor Orthopaedic Line Of Men’s and Women’s shoes and boots is a premier line of footwear for Feet First. Rhonda has been working with this company for 20 Years. Most of the footwear is special ordered to accommodate for specific foot and ankle joint deformities. They come in a wide range of sizes and widths to fit the narrowest to the widest foot types. Click here to view the spring and summer 2017 Collection for PW Minor.

Book an appointment with Rhonda Doan for a professional evaluation of the shoe required to best suit your needs.



Hiking/Running/Walking/Hands Free Lacing

Treksta – Ladies Shoes
  • Evolution Running 161
  • Evolution GTX Hiking
  • Evolution Mid Hiking
  • Mega Wave Walking
  • Hands Free
Treksta – Men’s
  • Evolution Running 161
  • Evolution Hiking GTX
  • Evolution Mid Hiking
  • Mega Wave Walking
  • Hands Free


Bio-Time Slippers/Therapeutic Indoor/Healing Shoes

  • Dacey
  • Dale
  • Dorien
  • Drew
  • Dalton
  • Darrell



Haflinger Slippers – Ladies
  • Magic
  • Valley
  • Chloe
  • Paisley
  • Energy
  • Puzzle
  • Vision
Haflinger Slippers – Mens
  • Grizzly
  • Travel
  • Grizzly with back


Volkswalkers Women’s Fashion/Casual/Office

  • Muenchen
  • Koeln
  • Dillingen
  • Zuers
  • Fuerth
  • Wuerzburg